Your Voice In Lansing

American Flag on Pole

Life: I have spoken nationally on end of life medical ethics and the dangers that assisted suicide and euthanasia pose to the medically vulnerable among us.  I am pro-life, from conception to natural death. Period.

Parental Rights and School Choice: As a parent and an educator, I want to do all I can to fight the "woke" ideology in our schools, go back to focusing on students' academic success and return control to parents, where it belongs. 

The Economy: Biden's big spending and Whitmer's shutdowns have devastated Michigan's economy. 

Gas and food prices continue to rise, inflation is skyrocketing and small businesses are struggling to stay open. Common sense conservative government works in Hamburg and it's badly needed in Lansing.  As your new State Representative I will fight to suspend the gas tax and work to rein in government spending. My family has a balanced budget, and so should the State of Michigan.

Election Integrity: When the Michigan Secretary of State changed the absentee voter laws in 2018-2020, it facilitated voter fraud while making it harder to prove. I support picture ID for voting, and a return to the pre-Benson policies of requiring in-person registration for an absentee ballot.  We should also examine how to strengthen Michigan election law to compensate for a weak federal law permitting out-of-state charitable organizations to engage in disproportionately favoring and influencing districts of one party over another in election day operations. 

Government-Mandated Shutdowns: I have consistently opposed the autocratic power grab by the Executive Branch (through the MDHHS) to shut down our state and impose protracted masking and vaccination requirements on our people. It is particularly hard to accept when those who impose these rules flout them when they want. In my view, these mandates exceeded the legitimate scope of state government authority and should never have been accepted. We didn’t accept them in Hamburg and I won’t tolerate such governmental overreach in my district.

Second Amendment: Living in Michigan has taught me a true appreciation and respect for the Second Amendment and for responsible gun ownership and use. I support the right to keep and bear arms responsibly.

Infrastructure: Michigan is awash in ARPA money and we owe it to our residents to spend this money wisely on our aging infrastructure: roads, dams, bridges and other projects that will benefit everybody.

Law Enforcement: I am particularly proud of Hamburg Township’s status as the safest community of its size in the entire state of Michigan. Part of the reason for this is our excellent police force and the commitment of our County Prosecutor. As a practicing attorney myself, I stand firmly for the rule of law and keeping our communities safe.

Energy: We are all experiencing what happens when an administration abandons our own natural resources in favor of foreign oil and a premature pursuit of so-called green energy. Our commitment to Line 5 should be honored and prudent use of our fossil fuels continued, and our state gas tax temporarily reduced to ease the pain at the pump.

PFAS: When the Huron River has a "Do not eat fish" order, it's a big deal. We need to protect the Huron River and the Chain of Lakes which is a major attraction in both Livingston and Washtenaw Counties. We need our waters to be safe.